Ready Mix & Spice Mix Powders

We have a small collection of Rice mix & Instant mix powders. They are easy to use in our daily routines. Tasty and ease of use, which saves your time, good for travel too.

Instant Ready mixes

Instant mixes are combination of processed ingredients like cereals, pulses, condiments, spices. These are helpful to prepare simple recipes conveniently in a very short span of time. Pepper Rasam can be made in 5 minutes, Just mix in glass of water and boil for few minutes. It can be has as a soup, very good during cough and cold.


Tasty Rice mixes

Tasty rice mixes are premix of condiments, spices along with major ingredient. Its simple, just mix it with hot rice and ghee. Pulihora mix is one of the special product. Just Mix in hot rice. Add fresh curry leaves and pour required boiled oil. Its one of the traditional and favorite dish for all ages.