Masti Millet Mix

Masti Millet Mix, Unique collection of Millets grounded. Millets have long been the staple food in the country. Millets are a storehouse of nutrients that nourish and nurture. It has a nutty flavour. Millets provide many essential vitamins and micronutrients. Millets are rich in B vitamins, especially niacin, B6 and folic acid, as well as the minerals calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Small millets are especially rich in iron, zinc and calcium.

  • Shelf Life : 5 Months
  • Available in 125g pack only
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Millets: Pearl millet (bajra), Foxtail millet (korralu), Great millet (sorghum), Finger millet (ragi), Little millet (sama).

Product Highlights

  • Rich in B vitamins helps to provide sustained energy.
  • Availability of Calcium, Iron and Magnesium strengthen bones on regular consumption.
  • It slows down the degradation of muscles and helps to build leaner muscles.
  • Reduces stress and helps to get sound sleep by raising serotonin levels in the body.
  • Manages appetite for a longer duration of time.

How to use?

Masti Millet Mix is a malted drink powder. This needs to be mixed in small quantity of water and then served with hot or cold milk. The recipe for Millet Porridge can be checked in recipes page.

  • Preferred to consume in evening or a hour before sleep.
  • Ideal for women and grown up children with no preservatives and no added sugar.
  • Suitable for pregnant women and lactating mothers also.
  • Porridge can be cooked in less than 5 minutes.
  • Shelf life is 9 months from Mfd. Made only with grains, all natural with a no junk promise.

Nutritional Information

388 kcal


0.94 g


82.53 g


12.38 g


What makes ammae products unique?

  • Traditional recipes are customized to suit our current day need and also to enrich our taste buds.
  • Conventional method of prepartion. Though it takes longer time for process, grains are allowed to naturally process. It retains the nutritional property of grains and also enhanaces it.
  • Aluminium foil packing helps to retain the aroma of the grain as such till you open the pack. It protects the porridge mix from moisture, and keep fresh.
  • No sugar, No salt & No added preservatives. Naturally processsed product.

Customer Questions

Is masti millet mix, gluten free?

Yes, its tested and gluten free. Basically all millets are gluten free, so a combination of purely millets will also possess the same property.

Is it a instant drink or do we need to cook?

It is based on the the choice of you. You can mix directly in hot milk and consume it, but you can feel the minute granules of millet while drinking. If you need thick porridge consistency, then cooking will be best option. It blends well with milk and buttermilk. So, you can choose the suitable option.

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