Millet Bisibelebath

Bisibelebath is a traditional dish of karnakata with millets instead of rice, with oats and lentil and a combination of spices & condiments, contributing to an unique flavor and taste. Its ready to cook and delicious. To make it healthier, we have used millet instead of rice. Try mouth watering recipe from ammae.

  • Shelf Life : 5 Months
  • Available in 150g pack only


Little millet (sama), Kodo millet (kodra), Oats, Green gram (moong dal), Black gram (urad dal), Channa dal, Tamarind powder, Red chilly , Coriander seeds, Cinnamon , Asafoetida cake, Turmeric powder, Cloves, Mustard seed, Desiccated coconut, Salt.

How to use?

Recipe is simple and prepared in 30 minutes. Just follow the methods to prepare healthy millet diet.

  • 1 - Soaking: Take 1 measure of breakfast mix and 3 measures of water in a container. Allow it to soak for 15 minutes.
  • 2 - Cooking: Pressure cook the soaked mixture with water for 1 whistle and reduce stove to low flame and slow cook for 10 minutes and switch off.
  • 3 - Once the pressure is released, remove the content and add required ghee to the mixture and serve for tasty breakfast.
  • Microwave method - Follow the instruction one for soaking as mentioned above. Place the container in a microwave and cook in high for 5 minutes. Then, add cooked vegetables to it and also ghee for taste.

  • Millets are nutritious, easily digestible.
  • Millet contains bundles of vitamins and minerals.
  • Millet has complex carbohydrates providing the good energy source.
  • Manages appetite for a longer duration of time.
  • Millet Recipes are simple, healthy and nutritious food for breakfast or lunch.
  • They are ready to cook and delicious.

What makes ammae products unique?

  • Traditional recipes are customized to suit our current day need and also to enrich our taste buds.
  • Conventional method of prepartion. Though it takes longer time for process, grains are allowed to naturally process. It retains the nutritional property of grains and also enhanaces it.
  • Aluminium foil packing helps to retain the aroma of the grain as such till you open the pack. It protects the porridge mix from moisture, and keep fresh.
  • No sugar, No salt & No added preservatives. Naturally processsed product.

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