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Our Brand

Mother, prepares food with lots of love and compassion. Food prepared by her is more divine in nature, hence the brand Ammae. All our products are from cereals, pulses, millet and legumes. Each product is fine-tuned to ensure reasonable nutrients are available in our products. Our product range suits for the different age groups. All our products are free from Preservatives or Chemicals. Our product range consists of porridge mix, malted drink mix, Health drink mix, Baby wean mixes, Sprouted Ragi powder, Ready to cook millet breakfast, multigrain flours, gluten free flours, instant pepper rasam, vathakuzhambu mix. Apart from these we do have maapillai samba rice, millets and RNR diabetic rice.

What is special about ammae?

Traditional Recipes

Every product of Ammae are from the recipes of good olden days. We customize to suit our current day need and also to enrich our taste buds. Most of the products are niche, It goes well with salt and sweet as well.

Conventional Methods

We do not believe in shortcuts or to urge the process. We wait for 7 days to get our sprouted ragi powder. Conventional methods are the key to keep the nutritional value. We care and practice the same.

No Preservatives

Shelf life of our products vary based on the nature of ingredients. We do not use any preservatives. We produce optimal batches to maintain fresh stocks. We do pack only in aluminum foil to lock the aroma of grains.