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Millet is one of the traditional and nutritious food in many parts of India. Somehow people consider that as a bird feed in the past few decades. Now, millet are coming back to our kitchen and lifestyle. ICAR-IIMR is doing lot of research project on millet in collaboration with international bodies. Lot of recipes and value based food products are made out of millet. Millet is good for everyone, in specific they are very good for women in various aspects. Millet has fibre and phytonutrients, which reduce the risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer. Millet are rich in Magnesium which in turn reduces the pain and cramps during their menstrual cycle. Iron is one of the keys to good health and energy levels in women prior to menopause. Plant-based sources of iron are more easily absorbed by your body when eaten with vitamin C-rich foods. mentioned that, Eating foods high in insoluble fiber, such as millet, can help women avoid gallstonesIn general, Consuming ragi regularly is good for pregnant and lactating women, which helps in the production of breast milk in their body. However, millet are safe when consumed in a moderate amount. Excessive consumption of millet might cause an adverse effect. People with thyroid problems need to restrict their consumption of millet. Consumption of millet increases the serotonin level in the body which helps in reducing stress. A cup of millet porridge every night can help to get sound and peaceful sleep. Added to these, all Millet are gluten free by nature. Check out our post to know How millet are better than Oats

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masti millet mix

Masti Millet Mix, Unique collection of Millets grounded. Millets have long been the staple food in the country. Millets are a storehouse of nutrients that nourish and nurture. It has a nutty flavour. Masti Millet Mix is abound with a lot of nutrients basically being a combo of millets. It is basically alkaline in nature and digests easily. It keeps the body hydrated and hence removes constipation. Since the seeds are very small, and mostly covered by bran, it has a lot of fibre in it. The magnesium levels in the millets help reduce the effects of migraines and heart attacks.

Ammae Sprouted Ragi powder


Ragi is a good substitute for rice. For diabetic people, it helps in maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol level. The dietary fibre in the ragi keeps us satiety for a longer duration of time and enable stable digestion. Ragi porridge or Ragi mudde are well known traditional food well suitable for diabetes. Sprouted Ragi powder is highly nutritious as it is sprouted and roasted compare to the grounded Ragi powder or Ragi malt.