What’s needed for breakfast, Whole fruit or Juice made out of it?

Ammae Blog - Whole fruit or Juice

In our fast food life, we always think that juice is better because, it is concentrate of actual fruits. Is it true?

Convenience & Ease of use
Thought people feel juice is an easier option, as it doesn’t require any washing, peeling or slicing it is NOT. The fruit is the ultimate convenient wholesome food. Packed juice has more shelf life as it treated with preservatives, But fruits are natural and fresh, cannot stay for a longer duration.

Nutrients & Fibre
Juice concentrate or 100% fruit juice, though tasty and refreshing, is not as healthy as whole fruit. When a whole fruit is pressed or squeezed to make juice, some of the nutrients, most notably fiber and the water-soluble vitamins, are lost in the process. More sugar without fiber is unhealthy. So we consume fruit or a piece of fruit, we intake nutrients, fibre, and sugar. Moreover, fullness will not come with a glass of juice but fruit gives that. Juice is simple carbohydrate and it gets digested faster and kindles hungry soon, but a whole fruit has fibre and digests slowly and keeps you satiety for a longer duration. The fruit is one of the best dietary sources of fiber, which is important not only for helping with weight loss by helping you feel full but also for heart and digestive health

Sugar & Calories
Juices, contain more calories, doubled than normal. Especially the products tagged as “Contains X fruits in one litre” has a lot of calories, which is not really recommended. Whereas fruits are whole food, It has both nutrients and fibre along with naturally occurring sugar.

During the juicing process, not only the nutrients and fibre are destroyed, many antioxidants and natural properties of the fruit are also getting destroyed. The mere purpose of that fruit is lost and we extract and intake the sugars purposely. Experts from the UK, Singapore and a team from Harvard School of Public Health in the US have found in a study, eating some of the fruits lowers the risk of type 2 Diabetes and consuming the same fruits in the form of juice actually increases it.

Consuming the fruit as it is, considered to be best way to get the full benefit of fruit from health point of view. However, rather consuming the fresh fruit juice is more far better than consuming the artificial juices and concentrates made of real fruit (even with pulp) which is readily available.

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