Malted Drink Mix

(For Improving Digestion)

Sprouted Wheat Powder

Sprouted wheat powder derived from whole wheat grains, which is an amylase rich food. Amylase is one of the three & most vital digestive enzymes that your body utilize to digest food. In simple, it helps body to process carbohydrates into simple sugars which gives energy. Also, Its a very good source of magnesium and dietary fiber. Consuming amylase rich foods helps improves digestion, treats cancer, increases energy, monitors stress, prevents & treats diabetes.

Sprouting enhances the nutritional value of the grain. Sprouted grain differs from whole grain in three fundamental aspects; 1) Activates food enzymes; 2) Increases vitamin content, and 3) Neutralizes anti-nutrients like phytic acid which bind up minerals preventing your ability to fully absorb them.

Sprouting process apparently increases the amount and bio-availability of some vitamins (notably Vitamin C) and minerals, making sprouted grains a potential nutrition powerhouse.

ammae sprouted wheat powder

Key Benefits

  • Germination activates valuable enzymes, which are the fundamental active proteins making daily functions possible.
  • Wheat is loaded with enzymes like amylase & protease, which is very much required for the process of digestion.
  • Contains Alpha amylase, a required nutrient for infants.
  • Including a amylase rich food along with the traditional gruel is a effective way to reduce viscosity and ease digestion.
  • Enzymes production reduce over age. As we age, our body produce less enzymes, in turn it slows down digestion process.
  • Consumption of amylase rich foods enables to handle this.
  • Instant malted drink, blends well with hot milk with no preservatives and no added sugar.


Wheat ( 100%)

Sprouted Wheat Porridge

Instant Wheat Malt

Step 1: Take 2 teaspoons of Sprouted Wheat powder in a glass.

Step 2: Add 80 ml water to the glass.

Step 3: Mix thoroughly and crush the lumps to get dissolved fully.

Step 4: Fill the glass with hot or cold milk and its ready to consume. 

Step 5: Add sugar upon one’s taste.

Note: Do not use Hot or Cold milk directly. Mix in small Quantity of water and then mix with milk.

Tip: You can also prepare porridge by using 3 teaspoons of sprouted wheat powder and cook it slightly for 2 minutes for rich taste and prepare porridge.

Nutritional Information

365 kcal


1.8 g


82.44 g


12.8 g


(Amount Per 100g)

Customers Questions & Answers

Can we give Wheat porridge to 6 months baby?

Yes, Sprouted wheat porridge can be given to infants of 6 months. It will improve digestion for infants. Sprouted wheat powder can be mixed along with regular rice porridge mix and given for infants.

Who all can take Sprouted Wheat porridge?

It can be given for infants, people who suffer from mouth ulcers and cancer.