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Sprouted Ragi Powder

Benefits of ragi are numerous and it is a highly nutritious cereal loaded with calcium, proteins, iron and other minerals. It is rich in fiber and contains very less unsaturated fat that makes it a perfect food for weight loss. It is one such rare cereal that doesn’t need to be polished and, therefore, can be consumed in its purest form with all its goodness intact.

Sprouting enhances the nutritional value of the grain. Sprouted grain differs from whole grain in three fundamental aspects;
1) Activates food enzymes;
2) Increases vitamin content, and
3) Neutralizes antinutrients like phytic acid which bind up minerals preventing your ability to fully absorb them.

Sprouting process apparently increases the amount and bio-availability of some vitamins (notably Vitamin C) and minerals, making sprouted grains a potential nutrition powerhouse.It contains no artificial colour , flavor, preservatives, additives.

Sprouted ragi powder or Ragi malt is one of the well known traditional food, suitable for all ages. Especially sprouted ragi is best weaning food.

  • Ragi, Gluten free millet, widely used, rich in various nutrients
  • Germination and sprouting reduces anti-nutrients and doubles nutrients levels
  • Ragi improves hemoglobin status and Sprouting it also improves absorption level and digestion
  • Rich source of Calcium, Iron & Vitamin D, needed for growing children and women
  • Antioxidant property of ragi helps to fight various chronic diseases
  • Rich in amino acids like lysine, methanine which are important for human health and growth
  • Ideal for infants as porridge and preferred staple for your consumption in any form for all ages

Nutritional Information

Amount Per 100g

372 kcal


1.9 g


82.88 g


5.95 g


Ammae Sprouted and Roasted Ragi Powder - Is it Ragi Malt? Can I mix directly with Milk?
Can we take Ragi powder with cold water / milk, without heating it?

Yes Sir, elders can take it, not advisable for infants. Due to the rich fiber content you can see sediments of ragi at the bottom of glass. Its advisable to just cook for a minute and consume.

Ammae Sprouted and Roasted Ragi Powder - Is it suitable for infants?

Ammae Sprouted and Roasted Ragi Powder are well suitable for infants from 4 months. This is a traditional mix used by our elder people. Recommended to cook and serve. Initially, start with small quantity and increase over a period of time.