Malted Drink Mix

(For General Nutrition)

Health Mix

Ammae Health Mix is a combination of millets, cereals and pulses and has no added sugar. Ammae Health Mix retains every part of the grain with richness of fibre giving sustained release of energy. They provide the body with a powerful mixture of protective substances including fibre, anti-oxidant, vitamins and minerals and phyto-nutrients, and help ward off many diseases. It is easily digestible, convenient for users, for a quick and easy food intake solutions.

ammae health mix, an instant drink

Key Benefits

  • Instant Health drink with no preservatives or chemicals and no added sugar or salt.
  • Good source of protein for muscle strengh with minimal carbohydrates.
  • Contains greater concentration of nutrients helps in absorption of Iron & Calcium.
  • Inherent Antioxidant property of grains to support better immune system.
  • Rich in fibre helps in better digestion.
  • Ideal to consume anytime of the day and well suitable for all ages.


Cereals (66.19%) – Amaranth seeds (rajgira), Barley, Finger millet (ragi), Little millet (sama), Pearl millet (bajra), Parboiled rice, Maize, Great Millet (jowar), Wheat, Oats.

Pulses (30.22% ) – Chick peas (channa), Green gram (moong), Horse gram (kulthi), Roasted gram, Soya bean)

Condiments (3.6%) – Poppy seeds (khus khus)

Ammae Health Mix

Healthy Instant Porridge

Step 1: Take 2 to 3 full teaspoons of Health Mix in a glass.

Step 2: Add 80 ml water to the glass.

Step 3: Mix thoroughly and crush the lumps to get dissolved fully.

Step 4: Fill the glass with hot or cold milk and its ready to consume. 

Step 5: Add sugar upon one’s taste.

Note: Do not use Hot or Cold milk directly. Mix in small Quantity of water and then mix with milk.

Ammae instant healthy milkshake

Instant Multigrain Milk Shake

Step 1: Take 2 full heap teaspoons of Health Mix in a mixer grinder.

Step 2: Add 200 ml of milk to the same.

Step 3: Beat the Mix thoroughly for a minute.

Step 4: Serve it in a glass immediately or refrigerate in fridge for couple of hours and it can be served chilled.   

Step 5: You can add sugar or even rose milk concentrate upon one’s taste.

Nutritional Information

372 kcal


1.69 g


82.49 g


12.82 g


(Amount Per 100g)

Customers Questions & Answers

Ammae Health Mix - Is it Instant? How can we make it?

Yes, it is instant drink. No need of cooking. Take one or two spoons of Ammae Health mix in a glass. Add a small amount of water or milk to it. Blend it and crush the lumps until all the powder dissolves properly. Then fill the glass with hot or cold milk or water as per your need. Add sugar to your taste. Ammae Health mix does not have added sugar. You can have with buttermilk and salt also based on your taste.

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