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Cereals and Pulses occupy a major portion of the food pyramid. They provide the body with a powerful mixture of protective substances including fibre, anti-oxidant, vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients, and help ward off many diseases. To know what a typical whole grain contains as nutrients, check our blog post. Grains should be handled properly while cooking. Never miss to read the post 5 steps to follow before consumption

The amount of grains you need to eat depends on your age, sex, and level of physical activity. In general,  At least half of all the grains eaten should be whole grains. One of the USDA websites shares about How many grain foods are needed daily. Many avoid breakfast due to lack of time or improper planning of day. Check out the importance of breakfast in our post.

ammae health mix, an instant drink

Health Mix

Health Mix retains every part of the grain with richness of fibre giving sustained release of energy. They provide the body with a powerful mixture of protective substances including anti-oxidant, vitamins and minerals and phyto-nutrients, and help ward off many diseases. It is easily digestible, convenient for users, for a quick and easy food intake solutions. Ideal to consume anytime of the day. No cooking required, just mix and drink.

ammae sprouted wheat powder


Sprouted wheat powder derived from whole wheat grains, which is an amylase rich food. Amylase is one of the three & most vital digestive enzymes that your body utilize to digest food. In simple, it helps body to process carbohydrates into simple sugars which gives energy. Also, Its a very good source of magnesium and dietary fiber. Consuming amylase rich foods helps improves digestion, treats cancer, increases energy, monitors stress, prevents & treats diabetes. Its one of the best food for cancer patients and upon dietician recommendation, it can be given as tube feed.