ammae -Eating in banana leaf

Why should we eat in banana leaf?

First of all eating in banana leaf is a traditional practice, hygiene and also environment-friendly.

Eating in banana leaf is a traditional practice followed by our elders. The banana leaf contains a large amount of polyphenols which are natural antioxidants. It has a scientific reason when hot food is served in the leaf, the food absorbs the natural antioxidants. These natural antioxidants are said to cure a lot of lifestyle diseases.

The top surface of banana leaf is silky which does not allow dust to stick on it. Just sprinkling little water washes the dust settled and it’s ready to use. When hot food is served the aroma of the leaf will add more taste and value to our food.

Elders have a practice of packing food in banana leaf while traveling. It makes sure the food is having the same aroma and freshness. Also, they say that food covered with banana leaf will never spoil for a day or two.

Apart from these, it has healing properties especially for skin burnt and rashes. Kashyam (decoction) of banana leaf is given for children to break the cold and flu. Banana leaf is made little warm and wrapped around the wounds for the purpose of healing.

In the current ecosystem, using banana leaf is hygiene, simple and also used leaf will be food for domestic animals around us. Even now many hotels in South India serves food in banana leaf. The same practice is being revived nowadays in premium restaurants. If not every day, we should start to habituate eating in a banana leaf on auspicious occasions and festivals which depicts our culture and value our tradition.

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