Multi-Grain Porridge South India. It was considered as one of the best source of nutrition for young kids and good food for elders as well. Even today, lot of people prepare this powder traditionally in their home. The combination of ingredients varies for each person. Boiled rice, Ragi, Wheat, Barley are some of the common well-known ingredients. Some people add poppy seeds, almonds, elaichi and cardamom also.


The traditional way of consuming would be mixing this powder in normal water and boil for a minute or two. Then add milk and sugar or buttermilk and salt as per taste. We can have this with Rasam or prepare delicious payasam with jaggery or make laddus with ghee and jaggery. It's all healthy and nutritious food.


For people who don't like it as traditional food, can try even homemade biscuits and cakes by using this powder instead of white flour. we can make breakfast bars with this by adding honey and dry fruits.