Our Daily routine starts with a breakfast. Some like to have a bowl of cereals or a slice of toast along with a cup of milk or juice as breakfast.

Is it Healthy?

Processed cereals and toast contain high levels of simple carbohydrates, which are converted rapidly into glucose. This produces a short energy boost followed by an energy slump and sugar craving. If you eat this type of breakfast, you will probably start to feel hungry again very soon after eating. An awful lot of people suffer from low blood sugar levels by mid-morning, simply because they eat too many carbohydrates for breakfast without anything else to balance them. Many breakfast cereals are also high in sugar and fat and, in some cases, eating a bowl is as unhealthy as having five chocolate chip cookies, according to recent research.


Porridge made out of whole grains are better than highly refined breakfast cereals, such as cornflakes. Complex carbohydrates, found in whole grains, release their energy more slowly into the bloodstream. Studies have shown that a breakfast that includes protein will release energy at a steady level for hours. A breakfast that contains protein, as well as complex carbohydrates beats anything else. Grains, rich in fibre, when consumed as porridge helps to remove cholesterol and toxins.


Those who ate plenty of fruit and vegetables and drank lots of water were far more likely to feel fit, healthy and happy.


A Porridge with milk and fruits makes healthy breakfast. Have plenty of water to support that. Start the day with Healthy Breakfast . . .