Ammae - Porridge and Malted Drink Mix

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Priyanka Hegde
Priyanka HegdeMumbai
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Sprouted Ragi Powder - This caters to the nutrition needs of our tastes just like how my mom used to make it.. great as an evening meal.. quick and easy to make.. its ready in 5 mins.. sweetness can be adjusted as per your taste.. i prefer to use jaggery.
Gayathri M
Gayathri MTelangana
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"Superb products, all tastes really good and My 5 year old kid loves to have Tasty Cereal Mix, it's really healthy for kids."
Sahana Rabindranath
Sahana RabindranathTelangana
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"I have been taking Delight Medley Pro for breakfast for more than years now - relish it!!"
Snehalata Shailaja
Snehalata ShailajaTelangana
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"Delight Medley PRO is absolutely a good product for diabetics and also for everyone else."
Suman chandra k
Suman chandra kKarnataka
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"Very healthy and tasty product. We are using Delight Medley PRO as evening snack drink."
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"Use Sprouted Ragi Powder for making halwa for the baby with jaggery, cooks quickly and baby loves it."
Rangan P K
Rangan P KChennai
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"Most of the days, I take Cereal mix for breakfast, its a great subsitute for food"
Safiya Safeer Shaikh
Safiya Safeer ShaikhMumbai
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Ammae health mix is very good replacement for my dinner... I have started losing weight with only replacing my dinner with Ammae products and cutting down my sugar intakes... This time, I'm trying Ammae Poddrige also and it's good... I'm telling all my friends to also use ... Thanks A lot 😊
ammae -Eating in banana leaf

Why should we eat in banana leaf?

First of all eating in banana leaf is a traditional practice, hygiene and also environment-friendly. Eating in banana leaf is a traditional practice followed by our elders. The banana leaf contains a large amount of polyphenols which are natural antioxidants. It has a scientific reason when hot food is served

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Ammae : Know About - Barley

Know About – Barley

Barley – Widely know cereal, beneficial in numerous ways Cereals, Barley and wheat look similar, but the properties vary in taste and usage. Barley is widely grown in many parts of the world and one of the first cultivated grains. The Major usage of barley is malted beverage and for

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Multigrain Laddu / Sattu maavu laddu

Tasty Cereal Mix Recipe – Laddu Preparation time – 10 mins Cook time – No cooking Ingredients: Ammae Tasty Cereal Mix – 1 cup Gratted jaggery or jaggery powder – 3/4 cup Ghee as needed. Preparation method Take the Ammae Tasty cereal mix (multigrain porridge powder) in a bowl and

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5 Steps before you use the grain, that improves digestion

5 Steps before you use the grain, that improves digestion

How to process/use the grain? Do we need to do anything to make it suitable for consumption? Cleaning Plants based foods like seeds, roots, stem, leaves, and flowers requires compulsory cleaning. They are grown in open space, and it may have a lot of dust and other particles stay on

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sprouted grains good for digestion

Is sprouting grains helpful to reduce digestive problems?

Sprouting enhances the nutritional value of the grain. Sprouted grain differs from whole grain in three fundamental aspects; 1) Activates food enzymes; 2) Increases vitamin content, and 3) Neutralizes antinutrients like phytic acid which bind up minerals preventing your ability to fully absorb them. Sprouting process apparently increases the amount and bioavailability of

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