What our customers say

Rajyalakshmi Pothrazu
Rajyalakshmi PothrazuTelangana
"I like "Tasty Cereal Mix" very much. I don't miss it on any day."
Gayathri M
Gayathri MTelangana
"Superb products, all tastes really good and My 5 year old kid loves to have Tasty Cereal Mix, it's really healthy for kids."
Sahana Rabindranath
Sahana RabindranathTelangana
"I have been taking Delight Medley Pro for breakfast for more than years now - relish it!!"
Snehalata Shailaja
Snehalata ShailajaTelangana
"Delight Medley PRO is absolutely a good product for diabetics and also for everyone else."
Suman chandra k
Suman chandra kKarnataka
"Very healthy and tasty product. We are using Delight Medley PRO as evening snack drink."
"Use Sprouted Ragi Powder for making halwa for the baby with jaggery, cooks quickly and baby loves it."
Rangan P K
Rangan P KChennai
"Most of the days, I take Cereal mix for breakfast, its a great subsitute for food"